Cruelty is a warm place

Cold blue lights in the Station
Wind that cuts through leather and Skin
Empty Faces all around
Another Morning
Another Day of cold Work for cold Cash
I close my Eyes
I go to the warm places in my Mind

Harsh red Ropes forces Limbs in places
Places they don’t belong
Forms a Body
Opens Legs
Arms on back
Breasts squeezed
Nipples pinched
Looking at my work
My piece of flesh
And kissung each immovable, hurting muscle
Cruelty is a warm Place to be

The Tails of the Whip
Paint red Marks on white Skin
The Cane hits the Ass
The Ass that is ordered to hold up high
The needles scratches Skin and pierces Flesh
The blindfolded Eyes don’t see
The gagged mouth don’t scream
The Pain
Nearly unbearable
The Hand that holds
That aching Body
Give love and tenderness
Cruelty is a warm Place to be

Open cunt
Used Ass
Fucked Mouth
And the Knowledge
Not to fall
Not to be let down
Not to be alone
To be loved
Cruelty a warm Place to be

I open ny Eyes
Coldness still around me
But with the knowledge that tonight
Cruelty is a warm Place to be
I’ll beat the Day

Frankampstraße 51-69, 45891 Gelsenkirchen, Deutschland

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